Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures coming soon

I get my camera tomorrow.. and you can be sure that there will be plenty of pictures coming!

In the meantime.. I got a part in Shayla's ballet called Flash! I'm so surprised that I did because I missed some of the rehearsals last week due to Lilly's sickness and by the time I had come back she had cast most of the ballet and had assigned everyone an understudy.. I had nothing to do so I just picked someone and understudied them (one of the parts that hadn't been chosen yet) and yesterday Shayla cast me in that part! Complete surprise! But I'm excited because it's a VERY fun ballet to do! I love it!


Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

I am so jealous you guys got a good camera. My friends have sent me pictures of Annalise lately, and they look so good compared to my cheap little camera.
Someday I will have a good one....in the meantime I will have to use everyone else's pictures!

phayes said...

So glad to hear that Lilly is finally all better! I've been checking in daily. Congratulations on getting the dance part. Hope you are able to post some video.

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