Thursday, March 11, 2010


wow.... I'm shocked.

We had our big adjudication this last Saturday and we were lucky to be one of the last to be adjudicated. (FYI this means that the guy that runs this festival we are going to in Washington in May came out, and watched some dances and he gets to choose which dance we perform when we go.) We initially were going to adjudicate Heathers ballet which you saw if you went to my concert in the fall, and Flash, which is Shaylas piece she choreographed for Choreography Design Project. We had some issues with some members of the company that made us unable to perform Heathers piece for adjudication which really sucked... especially since we had spent so much time cleaning it. At the last minute, Shayla had to change which pieces we were adjudicating. She chose 2 pieces that are really cool. (btw... they sound like they are coming from a comic book, but I think it's pretty cool.)
1) SLAM. This piece is choreographed by Chris Petticort. (sp?) He is an emerging choreographer and and old friend of Shayla's who she brought in to set this choreography.  This dance is 4 girls. Only 4 girls. I am one of them. We are on stage 100% of the time. And it is CRAZY intense movement.. It practically kills me every time I do it! It's very cool...

2)Flash - Shayla's piece... jaw-dropping amazing. Neon costumes, black lights, live music, and absolutely AMAZING choreography. I'm in this piece as well and it is seriously the COOLEST dance you will ever see. It's fast and exciting and the theme is so original and well done. This dance includes 8 female dancers and 1 male.

 Guess what the adjudicator chose.

Of all the crazy... who would have thunk it things that could happen, Nicholas Ade of PNB chose SLAM to go to festival in Washington. And not only that, but put our performance in the most honored spot he possibly could. It's sort of an "unsaid" tradition that the best pieces perform either first or last. Well, we are performing on Saturday (the last performance) and we are the 2nd to last performance of the evening. (FYI the host company which is the company that is in Washington gets to choose for themselves where they want to be in the performances and they chose to be very last....)

can we say STRESS????????

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Kelle said...

Your comment made me smile. Girl, you rock out that apartment and style it with who you are. I've always loved "little" spaces. There's something cozy about home. I scrolled down and looked at your beautiful pics and that sweet babe and...oh, ballet! I have a sweet spot for ballet and secretly have always wanted to be a dancer. Maybe Lainey or Nella can fulfil that one for me. Ha. Thank you for your sweet comment.

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