Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy's day!

What a wonderful day it was yesterday. A day where we get to celebrate the men in our lives that make us feel safe, comfortable, and happy...

Lilly and Daddy have such a special relationship... she loves her daddy so much. Sadly, Steve travels an awful lot and she misses him so much while he is gone, but I think that grows her heart a little bit every time because you never see a happier girl than when we see Daddy come home from the airport...

The more we raise our daughter the more I understand the need for a girl to have a great daddy. Steve treats me so well and loves me so much and works so hard for his family... and someday when Lilly is looking for her husband, she'll look for someone who loves and cares just as much as her daddy!

The great thing about Steve as a dad is that he is so well rounded... I always thought he would be the guy that would just play with our kids.. and not discipline them or do a ton of the work like changing diapers  or anything like that... but he is so good. He doesn't let Lilly get away with bad things... he changes diapers just as much as I do.. and he is still the funnest one to play with. We are so lucky to have him!

We started the day off with scrambled eggs and cheese, Cinnamon streusel muffins, and yummy fruit smoothie juice in bed. Then... in order to give Daddy exactly what he wanted for Fathers day... we left and let Daddy have a morning to himself to sleep in and relax! I know that sounds weird.. but Daddy gets worked to the bone and both of us have been CRAVING a day where we don't get out of bed... we used to do that all the time before we were parents... just lay in bed and watch movies and cuddle all day... haven't done it in a very long time due to the little one who won't stay in bed that long. Anyway... When we came home we had naps and let Daddy play his video game. Another thing he NEVER gets to do without some sort of interruption.

For Fathers day meal, I caved on my "never-eat-pizza-again" policy and we made homemade pizza. This particular pizza requires 2 things that I just can't do... roll out pizza dough.. and Steves famous sesame garlic chicken. So Steve did have to do quite a bit of cooking on Fathers day... but when it's pizza.. Steve LOVES cooking.. in fact, when I try to do it myself he usually butts me out of the kitchen.

We love you Daddy!

We also got a chance to talk to Papa Eldredge on the phone. I love my Dad... Our family has been through some hard times, but I'm glad that Lilly gets to have her Papa. She loves you so much!

The only thing we didn't get to do is talk to Papa Stott. They recently moved to Abu Dhabi and we don't have a way to talk to them on the phone so we just sent Happy Fathers Day vibes out into the world for Randy! We love you and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

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