Saturday, June 26, 2010

We miss Daddy

Daddy's on a trip. Now this is not anything new to us... but this time we really miss him!

We've been trying to keep really busy while he's gone so we don't end up just sitting in the house and turning into hermits... So Thursday we walked... yes walked to scera pool. It's about 9 blocks south so it's not that bad... but in almost 100 degree weather... it's pretty tiring. We stayed at the pool for about an hour before beginning our trek home. Then yesterday we crafted a little bit.. made a cotton ball bunny with white pom poms, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners... Poor Lilly just cried at it though because the cotton kept getting torn off. She got over it though and now even though it's just a couple of white pom poms glued together with bent ears... she still wants to carry around her "boken bunny". I made a really pretty butterfly out of felt and pipe cleaners and rhinestones and some leftover pretty pink chiffon-type material... but she wanted nothing to do with it... she didn't even look at it.  She was too busy crying over her bunny!

Then we headed out for some bubble fun, which didn't end up being very fun. Lilly wanted to make a game out of pouring the bubbles into the bubble pan and then dumping it out... And I had to go and ruin the fun... what's a mom for though right?

Today we woke up at about 6:30. We started the day off with a 2 mile run, which even though my time was RIDICULOUSLY slow.. (22 minutes) I was still very proud of myself for running 2 miles after not having ran for about a year! In high school after a whole semester of working on it.. I still couldn't even run half a mile without stopping... I must have been really out of shape back then... Cause I still feel out of shape even now!
Anyway, Lilly was a little confused about this early morning Stroller ride since we were moving much faster... But she loved starting the day that way!

We went to a family members baby shower today and Lilly loved running around like a crazy woman so pretty much I just chased her around and snapped a few pictures of the shower when I could...
Then we went shopping for a little bit. Old navy had a great sale on and we got a few things that I LOVE!! Including a new swimsuit for Lilly and some floaties..
We came home and chilled for a while and then headed off to the pool again! I know you aren't supposed to use floaties on a child under 3.. but she loved them so much!!!! It was so cool to watch her figure out what she can do and just get confidence in herself... I took her out in the water and tried to hold her as little as possible, she didn't realize the floaties make you float so she was freaking out a little bit.. so we went back into the shallow part and I just let her run around. She fell a couple of times and by doing that she figured out the floaties kept you above the water! She ran around purposely falling and figured out how to tilt her head so the water didn't get in her face! Once she got confident in that she started walking out to deeper water and just testing her limits...she eventually got to where she couldn't touch and she was so excited that she was still above the water!! She actually started kicking and swimming around!! We were both so excited! She then saw some kid jumping off the edge of the pool. She has seen kids do this earlier and has even tried it, but it always ended up her just sitting down and falling into my arms. But today she did it all by herself.. should wouldn't even let me catch her cause she wanted to do it all by herself.. like a big girl! So proud of my little swimmer!
She got so worn out by all that swimming that we went home and she ate dinner, asked for a diaper change and asked if it could be bedtime... What a sweetheart!
Unfortunately that means I'm laying on the couch with nothing to do but blog and say how much I'm missing my husband! It's easy to let him go when I have an INCREDIBLE amount of work to do, but when all I have to do is enjoy my family... it's hard to not have one of them here...

Steve gets home on Wednesday and then Thursday we fly out to New Jersey for the Annual Stott Family Vaca! We leave New Jersey on July 6th and then July 7th is our 3rd anniversary.... So maybe what we will do for that is rest!!!

I haven't taken many pictures these last couple of days... but here are a few from this last week.


【●Amberlyn●】 said...

The little girl looks so so so cute=)

Lauren said...

Oh man :/ that post makes me so sad! It makes me feel bad with always having Matt around. I guess we'll get a taste of what you guys deal with once I get a job.

The Slaters said...

Hopefully you guys get to enjoy your time together out here in a few days. And that bathing suit that Lilly is wearing looks so familiar...hmmm :)
She looks so adorable. Can't wait to see all of you!

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