Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer.... ahhh

Since coming back from RDA summer has officially begun! I'm still in school... not much though. I only have 1 class a day and it's a modern class. I've been working so hard on this because I think it will help my contemporary dancing so much! Plus... I think I'm really starting to like it! Maybe it's just cause I have an amazing teacher though...

Anyway... So I go to dance every morning and then head home to pick up Lilly from our neighbors house. We decided to let our neighbor Amanda watch Lilly for the first part of the summer instead of Denise because she only needs to be watched for a little over an hour a day and so we didn't want to drive all the way down to provo and back twice a day for only an hour. Amanda has a son named Benjamin and Lilly has been having so much fun over there every morning! They are friends... most of the time!

After I pick up Lilly, we usually just hang out for a little while... have some lunch, watch a movie.. just dink around. Lilly takes a nap... which has been a struggle lately.. but what do you expect.. she recently moved to a toddler bed and lost her dee-dee (pacifier). But when nap time works out we celebrate it! I am able to shower, do my dishes, fold my laundry, do homework... all the things I have never had time for before! When Lilly wakes up we have a snack and then usually head outside... we haven't made a trip to the pool yet (very soon) but we have just put on our swim suits and lounged around outside... We like to take our sidewalk chalk and draw sunny days... and starry nights... we draw numbers on the steps so when we walk up and down them, we count!

And then there is our stroller rides... Lilly LOVES stroller rides! We go to the store... we go to the library... we go to the park... sometimes we just walk the block... but she loves being in her stroller! And then we wait for Daddy to come home when we just enjoy our evenings together! Oh I love summer...

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