Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ok... fine... I'm a huge fan of Summerfest!

We enjoyed the festivities to the fullest!
Starting the festivities off on Friday with two African dwarf frogs that Lilly "won" by tidying up the throwing a ball into a cup!
There was this Shakespeare Troupe that came to do a show of Romeo and Juliet and it was really fun while we were there.. but the weather was too bad for us to stay so we ditched out on the rest of the show.
We went back on Saturday and enjoyed so many fun things... I wasn't expecting them so I didn't bring my camera but I am kicking myself now!

Lilly got to do the kids craft section.. she chose to make a hat! She got an orange hat and put flowers and leaves and stars all over it! It was so "pitty!"

Steve got to put beer goggles and race a razor scooter around cones... his time was 00:20.... just 4 seconds short of the fastest time. He looked great though... it was hilarious watching everyone try!

Lilly got a balloon animal bear which I got a picture of later at the parade.. she has since bit it so hard that it popped the ear so the bear is no more.. but she loved it while she had it!

Then Lilly got her face painted! My "Pitty Boo-fwy!"
Lilly got to go on the Merry-go-Round with me... and then down the huge slide with Daddy... and then she went on some cars all by herself! So proud of my baby girl.. going on rides all by herself... I think Steve and I enjoyed making fools of ourselves trying to get her attention more than she actually enjoyed the ride!

We then enjoyed some amazing carnival food... ahh... I'm a sucker for carnival food.. even though it IS way overpriced!
Then we got poured on! The rain came down in serious ways! We ran and hid under the pavilion where we endured enjoyed some music from a local theater while daddy ran home to get the car to pick us up.. He seriously was probably only out in the rain for less than 5 minutes and by the time he got home he was COMPLETELY drenched... like... you could ring out his clothes they were so sopping! We are lucky enough to live so close to the summerfest that we had a nap at home and about 10 minutes before the parade began we headed out to center street! Love parades!
And I don't care who you are... these next two pictures are HOT!!!
Yep... I took them... thank you very much!
And then there were just some cool things we saw at the parade!

Daddy took this picture.. whoa... I'm actually IN one on my posts! We waved to a LOT of "pinthethes" (princesses)
It was CRAZY cold out there and we weren't as prepared as we should have been so we went home to have dinner and get some warmer clothes on. Then we headed back out to watch the "pitty fy-woks"! Which happen to be my new favorite thing to photograph! (besides Lilly of course!)
 Oh I love summerfest! It's Magic!


Roy and Angie Smith said...

I used to go do all the Summerfest stuff when we lived there. It is so convienent to not have to park. Glad you had fun and we need to get together I am here in Utah at my parents house for the summer!

Sheri said...

Wow! I'm glad you all had such a great time! I love all the pics you put up, so cute! :)

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