Monday, June 21, 2010


Thank Heavens I had it today.

It's been months since our bedroom hasn't been covered with books and shoes and clothes... clean and dirty! But today.. somehow... I found the motivation to fix that.
 Ahhh.... Even a made bed!
Wait.. who is that fox in the back?? ;) jk
Yes.. I know it's quite bare... I need to do a little decorating in here now!  
And guess what we have now..
5 bags of clothes we are donating to DI... and probably more after that!

And it's not just our bedroom.. but for the past several weeks now, I've somehow found the motivation to:
1) Do my laundry.. including folding the clean clothes, putting them away and even ironing things almost every day..
2)Do my dishes... My sink is shining and I like it that way!
3) Clean my bathroom..I"m talking cleaning the toilet, countertops and mirror.. and here's the kicker.. EVERYDAY! And guess when I do it... Right when I wake up in the morning..before I even go to school! it's been a good thing too because Lilly has discovered the "potty" and the fact that her stuffed froggies and ducks like to go swimming in there, as well as her toothbrush... We cleaned all of that stuff (not the toothbrush.. we just threw that away) But every time this horrible incident happens I am SO completely happy that I cleaned the toilet that day!
4)Just a bunch of random things that I have always had a hard time doing.. like even if I did clean an area of the house we would find it messy about an hour later. You know what the difference is?

The phrase "Do it NOW!"

I don't know if anyone knows about FLYlady but she is amazing! I love her system! All of the mothers that read my blog should go check her out here! Your life will change! Anyway, one of the things she says is that you don't need to wait till later to deal with something. It won't be easier, you won't be less tired... just deal with it now and it will be done! I love it!

So whenever I see a mess start to creep up and I groan to myself and start to walk by it... I hear the words in my head "DO IT NOW!" and I just think... Heck yeah!! Love it!

Not only that but I think I'm finding my groove over the summer! Lilly and I have so much fun! I'm going to miss her so much when it's time to go back to school full-time!
ahh... better enjoy summer while I can!

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Sarah said...

Good Job Ellie! It sounds like you are really getting into your morning routine. I am working on it myself. Some days are better than others, but even on the days when I don't meet all of my goals I am still glad for the structure and direction the FLYlady program provides! I am glad you told me about this system. Life changing I tell ya'. I know I am a geek

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